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Day 21 and 22 TULUM

17th Jan

With sore bottoms from yesterday's enormous bike ride we decided to give cycling ago another day to the ruins. We got a collectivo to Akumel beach where touts attempted to get us to have a snorkel tour and life jacket with them. We knew we did not need them so we went on in to the water to snorkel and find some turtles however as soon as we crossed a rope barrier in the Sea a local chap on a kayak told us we needed life jackets I said what a 18 year old first year law student says to a Policeman, IS IT THE LAW? To which he replied YES. I didn't really have anything else left in the bank so I swam off with my tail between my legs licking my wounds. I think he felt sorry for me and he told me 200ms down the beach we could snorkel without life jackets and still plenty of turtles.I was very grateful. 5 minutes later we were in the water snorkelling along when we saw a huge turtle OMG absolutely amazing, the water was fairly clear and we watched them for quite some time. In all we saw 2 turtles and 2 Ray's. Very happy with that experience and Mel got some brilliant photos on our waterproof camera.

In the afternoon we caught another collectivo to Dos ojos (two eyes) CENOTES. Not realising it was a park with a dozen CENOTES it was a little more expensive than we anticipated and we just assumed they would be easy to reach on foot. After a 2.5km trek down a vey hot , sweaty and dirty track we arrived at the two CENOTES. Wow they were worth it swimming pool clear water, and refreshingly cold. Under water you could see caves and caverns deep under the rocks. Pretty scary as it was all dark. Others were diving into them

18th Jan

Up early and repeated the route to the ruins on cycles to visits the ruins this time arriving at 9.30am much better hardly any queues. The ruins them self were on a much smaller scale and not as well preserved as some of the others, But it was pretty cool to see the views of the ruins on the epic coastline. After 1.5 hours we came out and rode straight to the beach. We sunbathed for hours people watching and bodysurfing in the large waves.

2 awesome days!!!

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Today we woke early and hired out some dodgy looking cycles both blue in colour and MELS donned a basket on the front. These bikes did not have brakes on the handlebars oh no. Brakes were controlled by holding the pedals back. This took some getting used to.

Anyway we set off with no map or really with any clue of where the ruins or the beach might be. Our instinct told us to just follow other cyclists, this was the wrong move and we ended up 7km in the wrong direction. We eventually found our way to the ruins entrance for about 11am but it was too late the whole area was swarming with coach loads of tourists all pushing and shoving to get though the gates. With our mouths gapping wide open we immediately pedalled in the opposite direction and headed for the nearest beach. Much better choice, amazing white sand, turquoise waters and huge waves. I thoroughly enjoyed being a complete kid in the waves body surfing into the shore whilst Mel came in for a quick dip and running out again contemplating the dangers of the currents.

We stayed here for a few hours then we moved further down the beach to another good spot and repeated the above. We cycled back later that afternoon and din

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Just after we left PLAYA we heard in the news that there was a shooting in one of the clubs where party goers were shot dead and others injured. That was lucky although we wouldn't have been in any clubs! This world is crazy.

Anyway back to Tulum what an amazing place chilled out Beachy, hippy and cycling vibe. Not too many tourists of a grockley nature either! We found our apartment with ease only a 10 minute stroll off the Main Street with a very convenient OXXO shop across the road.

We mooched about the main high street and had the obligatory juice and vegan lunch for Mel and a Tuna sandwich for me.

Our room was very nice with ensuite bathroom, our own patio accompanied by a multi-coloured hammock.

We stayed in that night and made homemade guacamole and I slurped on some cheap vino rojo from thr local convenience store.


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In the light of day the hotel and surrounding area did not seem so bad. A shortish walk over the dual carriageway to the main town centre. We were soon in 5th ave soaking up the major tourist overload mainly from Canada and the States. To be honest you could have completely forgotten you were in Mexico as everything was so westernised with Starbucks, Burger king and Quicksilver featuring on the line up. Sorry I did pop into Quicksilver quickly just to purchase some new board shorts as I appear to have lost some weight.

We minced down to the main beach but unfortunately it was rather a windy and mainly overcast day. However our spirits were raised by an amazing lunch at another vegan restaurant where I ordered a surprise me tapas menu. Omg it was amazing a board of rustic bread and veg covered in different pates and such, For £4 I could not believe it!! Mel had a zucchini spiralliny dish also amazing!

We went back to the beach in the afternoon and the weather was pretty much ok. We people watched for hours and noticed that there were typical Music festival Americans, male white, shortish, pumped and muscly on top but obviously no CV or leg muscles, triangle shaped, donning flat baseball caps and Ray Ban sunglasses also tattooed up to the max. Supping on commercial beer and puffing away on local weed. We laughed about them a lot.

In the evening we strolled to Marvins Burgers where we ate fantastic veggie burgers and sugar free kola ohh and sweet potato fries...

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This morning we visited Casa Del los Venadas in VALLADOLID which is a private collection of Mexican Folk art. The owners a couple from the States had been collecting pieces for 53 years and had 5000 items in their collection. Their hacienda was enormous and housed all of the collection from furniture to tiny cow bone sculptures. We had an hour tour around the Hacienda and even had an awkward talk with the owner.

We then waited around in the main park and a nearby coffee shop with all our gear waiting for the next available bus to Playa deal Carmen. Fully booked because of the Music festival.

We arrived in Playa after dark and decided on a cab to the hotel Mel had booked online. it was a bit shabby as all the better hotels/hostels were booked up because of the festival. The hotel was situated in a darkly lit street and wasn't the nicest. The staff member there was terrible and we had to change our room because the toilet would not flush.

Later that evening we took, what Mel describes as a scary dash to the local Oxxo shop to get our evening and morning supplies. This consisted of utter rubbish, nesquick cereal and snack bars yummo! I put a door wedge under our hotel room door that night hoping that would support the crap lock. I had one of my worst nights sleep, from the drunken laughter and banter directly outside the room to the dozen dogs barking for the majority of the night, Oh well beach day tomorrow!! Chill out

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