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semi-overcast 36 °C

EXPENSIVE but much needed breakfast at a Boston style cafe, scrambled egg and veg and sourdough bread. Mel had fruit and yoghurt,

We then caught the local bus at a massive 60 cents a piece to the park entrance. We paid $6 dollars each to get into the park and decided not to get a guide as we didn't want to be part of a huge group of Holdaymakers. Instead we cheekily followed the guides from a distance, who spotted the wildlife for us. We immediately saw tons of White faced Capuchin monkeys all very eager to be snapped by the overly keen Grockles. We then saw a couple of sloths high up in the trees but could only make out their vague outlines. We were both a little frustrated we didn't get a guide as they were all looking through binoculars and saw a mum and baby sloth. We ventured on along a quieter sloth walkway and saw loads of purple,blue and orange crabs scutterling in amongst the leaves. Our attention was then drawn to a rogue sloth who had seemingly decided to make his 8 day venture to the ground to do his business. We made a quick detour under the walkway fence and clambered through no mans land in a bear grylls style jungle run. We got to the path and were blown away at the magnificent male sloth at shoulder height in the tree right above us. Mel welled up as her years of dreaming of seeing a sloth close up in the wild had come true.

We saw a few more sloths as we ventured further into the park. After a short walk in the humidity we arrived at the first beach, amazing white sand, Palm trees and jungle all around. We couldn't resist and went in for a refreshing swim.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the walk ways through the jungle, wildlife spotting, more crabs, possums, mole rats, raccoons, more monkeys the list goes on. I must admit though I struggled with the humidity and Mel will probably tell you at some points I was a little grumpy. Haha! But as soon as I cooled off in the sea I became more bearable.

We stopped at a final beach where there were hundreds of hermit crabs crawling around and we swam in the particularly choppy water.

We came out of the park around 4pm and the heavens had opened we got a little wet but it was bloody nice to be honest.

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storm 35 °C

Caught 9am bus direct to San Jose but it took longer than expected leaving us 30 minutes to get a taxi across the city to another terminal where we arrived 10 mins before it left at 3pm. We arrived in the dark and rain to QUEPOS town and Mels phone died with Google offline maps, bugger!!!. We ended up getting a taxi to the hostel, which to be fair was off the beaten track. Pouring with rain and thunderstorms overhead, hungry, tired. Hot we just wanted to get to our room. The front door was locked and no one was answering our loud shouting of HOLa Hola . After a while, another resident came down and let us in. Thank god for that!!!

That evening Mel and I spent a few hours apart as we both could have blown up into outer space. I made emergency noodles in the kitchen (plain and a little dull) but improved by a kind German couple who gave me some ketchup. All washed down with a hot mug of mint tea whilst watching a lightening storm over head.

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sunny 37 °C


I Thought I would explain this week by just words or shorts statements to sum it up.

Palm tree lined sandy beach

Surf, sea and shade

Soya iced Latte's

Wild horses

Filthy hot, sweaty and tired

Another penknife lost

Picnics on the beach

Fire jugglers

Amazing electrical thunderstorm

Vegan choco balls and lemon patties.

Long evenings

Body surfing huge waves

Easter Sunday and Monday = Empty beach!!!

Noisy motorbikes

Nice chill time

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sunny 37 °C

Up at disgusting o'clock to get the 530am bus. Our first leg of the journey took us to a high junction with a side road in the middle of nowhere. Here at 730am we had to flag down a speeding bus to get to Nicoya. A helpful local told us the bus didn't come until 0830 so we waited around on a random bench surrounded by squished mangoes. After missing the first bus because we couldn't see where it was going to until it was nearly level. A \nother friends local stepped into the road and was waving like a mad man at the next bus storming towards us. The bus came to a halt and we jumped on. I had nowhere to put by big bag so I sat without on my lap for 2 hours. Not comfortable and very hot. We then arrived in Nicoya where we had to then wait 1 hour 30 minutes for the next bus to Samara. Here we ate peanut butter wraps and Mel was getting barged constantly by an over weight lady next to her.

At late lunch we found our hostel and booked into the very spacious twin room. Immediately you could feel the heat here it was hot and humid. We decided to treat ourselves and went to LUVBURGER where we scoffed down some pretty amazing but expensive burgers with Coco bacon. Yum!!

The beach here was heavenly and we copped a spot in the shade and went on into the sea where big waves were crashing all around us.

Nice place to spend a week over Easter.

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25 °C

Firstly we thoroughly enjoyed the temperature here it was nice fresh cooler air

On our first main day here, we booked a bus to take us to the Santa Elena national reserve. We arrived there at about 9am and were dumbfounded by the green and wet rainforest. We went on two self guided treks of about 8km in total. Unfortunately, due to it being the daytime the majority of the wildlife was asleep but we still saw a White nosed possum, humming birds and some huge caterpillars. It wasn't very busy and we didn't see many people the whole route around. The moss growing on the huge trees, dripping with water, extremely long vines draping down from the tree tops. We stopped half way where there was an amazing view of huge hills covered in densely packed trees, It looked like Brocolli.

The second day, we mooched to a place called Frog Pond, where we hired a guide to take us around looking at all the Costa Rican frogs. They were all different sizes from the size of grapefruit to the end of my thumb. A multitude of colours bright green, translucent, red, blue, orange, black.
We had lunch in the hostel afterwards and then went for coffee up the road. As it got dark we went back to the frog pond with the same tickets and went round by ourselves, the whole place was a hive of activity and their colours were so much clearer.

The next day, Mel went off on her own to the Zip lining trip, EXTREMO. I completely chickened out and had a nice lie in instead. Mel came back hyped saying it was amazing but bloody high, she did both the superman zip lines and a rappel. Well done Mel. I'm still glad I didn't do it. Haha.

On the remainder of the days we hiked up a brutal hill (more like a mountain) up to a viewing point where you could see Santa Elena town and the other side a volcano. We also walked to a Giant FIG TREE in the woods, which was hundreds of years old. This was amazing as was hollow inside and you could climb up inside almost to the top. It looked like a cyclindrical Curly Wurly. I climbed to the top point but it was pretty high and I could see the view out the end.

On the last day, we booked to go to the hanging bridges, as described on the tin really, numerous suspended bridges either in amongst the tree tops or above them. Some of them were pretty ropy and I had to get off them asap. But, all in all it was a nice walk through the jungle experiencing it from high up. We also saw humming birds in the garden and we got them to land on our hands whilst feeding at the bird feeders. We attempted to make our lunch on the picnic benches but we were soon fighting off a white faced possum, who did not appear to be frightened off by humans and just wanted one thing, Mels back pack with all the food in. He jumped onto the table and grabbed the bag with his claws before I could grab it. The bag went flying off the table and he nearly ran away with it. Little Rascal

Another jumpy moment . We were in bed about to turn the lights out when Mel shouted, "HOLY BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP WHAT IS THAT?" I looked around to see the biggest Scorpion I have ever seen scutterling across the far wall. OMG!!! We both froze in sheer panick thinking immediately that it was a killer Scorpion with poison in its tail. Eventually after attempting to raise the owner with no avail. The scorpion popped back into a crack in the roof and I grabbed as many plasters from the first aid kit and plastered the hole up. We then had a thorough search of the room as if Mel had lost her engagement ring. (Thank god it's safely with Mels sister)

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